Job Seekers

Working With Our Recruitment Team

At Engage Staffing, we take an in-depth and confidential approach to our interview process. We uniquely tailor the screening and preliminary evaluations to each individual candidate. Our hands-on interviewing process assesses your skills, career goals, and personality, while maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality throughout. Our passion for the details along with a growing national database of professionals are just a couple reasons why some of the most exciting employers bring employment opportunities to us first.

Step 1: Connect
Step 2: Getting to know you & your goals
Step 3: Fine-tuning your resume
Step 4: Client interviews
Step 5: Interview feedback
Step 6: Placement
Step 7: Post-placement

Candidate Tools

At Engage Staffing, we have countless resources available to aid you in your search for employment. Read over some of the tools listed below to give yourself an edge over the competition. If you’d like to learn more, please contact our recruitment team.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

Crafting a cover letter can be one of the most dreaded and challenging tasks in the hunt for employment. Click here for helpful pointers on how to get your cover letter to stand out from the crowd.

Tailoring Your Resume

In today’s extremely competitive job market, tailoring your resume to the position you’re after puts you ahead of the rest. A tailored resume greatly increases the chances of catching the interest of hiring managers.


Your resume, cover letter, and interview are who you are on paper to employers. Strong references who back up your strengths and accomplishments can make the difference in getting hired.

Dress for Success

How you present yourself in an interview can make or break getting hired for the role you want. Click here for tips on how to dress to impress even the most discerning interviewers.

Interview Tips

You may have many questions about the interview process like, “How early should I show up?” or “What should I bring with me?” Through years of experience with thousands of job seekers, we’ve gathered some helpful advice that ensures you’ll be ready.

How to Resign from a Job

As your career progresses, moving from one position to another demands positive professional references. In order to preserve professional relationships while furthering your own career, make sure to brush up on our tips for resigning from a job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a recruitment firm as part of my job search?

Recruitment firms should be added to your job search arsenal as 25% of job seekers find jobs through a recruitment firm. That means if a room was filled with 100 people, 25 would be able to leave the room in order to go to work.

Should I accept temporary assignments during my search for a full-time employment?
Many clients of recruitment firms prefer using temporary employees in their work places as they believe in the “try before you buy” concept.  Your assignment in their workplace allows them to experience your skill sets in action. During your assignment, there is a good chance that over time, they will find you to be an invaluable member of their team! 
Why is Important to have a resume?
Our clients prefer to consider your candidacy as a professional. And one way to stand out as a professional in a job search is to have a resume. Serious job seekers should work with local DOL offices or career coaches to learn how to write, format and publish their resumes. A resume is just another tool to have in your job search arsenal!
How much does it cost me to have you look for a job for me?
Our services to you are free. It costs you absolutely nothing to partner with us in your job search.